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Is It Possible For Someone To Track You Through IP Address On Omegle?

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Omegle has many wonderful features to make your chatting experience amazing. Millions across the world throng Omegle and other chat sites like Chatrandom and Chatroulette to have a fun time chatting with strangers. However, there are spammers and hackers that steal the information from the Omegle website regarding its users for their vested interests. There are fears and apprehensions in the minds of users who are vaguely aware of their nefarious activities.

Tracking Possibilities

The users have a fear that someone can steal their IP from Omegle and track their whereabouts and contact details. Omegle never asks you about your personal details like name, age, address, place, etc. However, Omegle can track your town and country through your IP and find the general location also, but not your physical location.

In short, a hacker can track your City and Country only nothing beyond. However, if you happen to leave private information regarding your identity while chatting with a stranger, then you can become susceptible to hacking and harassment. As hackers stay on the lookout for the information left loose online by the chatters.

Chat Log Never Deletes

Your revealed information including your chat log is not deleted, as per the popular belief. This, in fact, is saved on the Omegle website. Don’t be shocked! This has been revealed recently that all is not perfect as per your perception about Omegle. Your safety and security are in your hands, don’t just get carried away in your chats to share your private information. This makes your chat and privately shared information vulnerable to hacking.

Trace & Track IP

There could happen anything in regards to system security the way software development is achieving new heights every day. If you think that technology has made inroads in finding a real identity on the basis of your IP address, then you are not completely wrong. Though one can track you down up to a point through your IP address, obtained via text chats and video chat on Omegle, you need not worry as of now.

Thankfully, hackers can only track the probable location through the IP address of anyone on the Omegle text & video chats. With the help of different analyzer software, including a network analyzer Wire shark, hackers can lay hands on some general information about your whereabouts.

However, the software is only effective in doing the limited job of tracking the IP address, by predicting your location up to 20 miles distance in the city and up to 70 miles, if you are living in a rural area. Therefore, you are safe, as no one can pinpoint your physical location through IP address.

Antivirus to Protect Your System

You must install an antivirus to put your mind at ease. Strongly suggested are 2 anti-malware and antivirus programs Malwarebytes and AVG, which are highly rated. The best is, these are absolute without any cost. Use a VPN to prevent people from finding your IP address on Omegle, so they can’t find your original IP. This you can do as an additional safeguard action.

Your IP Address Is Still Safe

There are many predators, stalkers, and scammers on treading on Omegle to look for prey. You should only be careful not to give an opportunity to them. Never exchange your private information on Omegle. As for them on tracking your physical address, you know now that you are safe. The hackers can only reveal your city and country, as they are not equipped to do more than that.

Safeguard yourself from hackers on Omegle and control your sharing nature to stay safe.


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