Men And Women: Who Craves More In A Relationship?


There have been various reports that have claimed that women are more capable of compassion than men, and men are usually afraid of any sort of commitment, especially romantic. It has also been added that women are more open to terms like affection, relationships, and marriages. It has also been argued that all caring and bonding are feminine and maternal extinct and traits. Hence, the differences between both gender’s emotional expressions are quite obvious.

The conclusion that who craves more in a relationship is difficult to determine because traditionally women are the expressing ones than men and crave more expressive love and care in a relationship compared to men.

However, in a relationship, anyone can be expressive and provide or ask for care.

Beautiful Bond

A relationship is a bond between two people who try to understand each other more deeply and love each other for whom they are. In a relationship, the introvert becomes more expressive, and the extrovert becomes a good listener. Each person has a changing impact on the other. There are many small and big surprises in a relationship. There are also grand gestures that reflect the efforts and affection of a partner for the other. A beautiful reaction on their partner’s face is what the other wants to see. These things cannot decide the labels that whether one is more expressive or too introverted in a relationship.

Appreciation And Recognition

The most crucial thing is the recognition of the simplest of gestures. Whether it is a small or big effort or move, you must learn to appreciate your other half to bring there for you.
According to studies that had been conducted on various couples across the country, the results are mixed but indicates one common point that it does not matter which partner is more involved. The bottom line should be both the partner should feel loved and appreciated in each other’s company. It is important that each and every action of your partner should fill with true feelings and not just materialism.

Root For Kindness Over Materialism

Materialistic things are not a priceless moment. These are present one day and gone in the wind the other. The important aspect of the relationship is to nurture and evolve with each other. There should be love in the eyes and small gestures of kindness.
However, these all are considered feminine traits, and people always consider women to crave for more in a relationship but labeling these traits to a certain gender doesn’t specify that women crave more in a relationship.

Researchers Find That Men Are Vulnerable And Afraid To Showcase Their Emotions Out Loud

They do care and are affectionate but cannot express it to the woman they love. This leads the women being involved in the relationship than ever.

Women Become More Nurturing In A Relationship Due To Their Motherly Instincts

In fact, during intercourse, the body releases oxytocin hormones both in men and women. This hormone is also known as the ‘love hormone’ and is secreted at a high rate in women at the time of pregnancy. This hormone is responsible for the onset of love, affection, and proves vital for both genders.

Various reports have various conclusions and assumptions on the statement. They say women seek a divorce than men in marriage as per the recent striking figures. However, nobody can construct any conclusion from this as the reason behind seeking a divorce could be something serious as domestic violence or infidelity. Hence, it is still not evident who craves more in a relationship.

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