How To Move On When The Partner Is Always Lying

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Getting dumped is very difficult when you truly love someone, but it is more difficult is to accept the fact that the person you loved and believed throughout the time, one with whom you stayed together was always lying.

It feels like a fake world that you have lived that was all hidden from the concrete truth. All the excuses that your partner made in a relationship when their phone sounded busy or they came late will turn into points that will show that they had been lying all the while. All the people that you would encounter will give you the advice to overcome your sorrow and grief that you are currently experiencing but it completely depends on you if you want to follow it or not.

They Want To Come Back To Your Life

Maybe they are still writing to you how much they love you and apologize for everything that they have done in the past. But give a second to think about the time and feel that you have invested while they were all lying. You were worried when they were not picking up the call and they got you an excuse later on.

You can’t blindly trust someone again just because they tell you that they love you. Someone who has the guts to do it once will do it again for sure. You have to decide whether you want to “move on” or still walk on the same path where each second you feel you are being cozenage.

You Can’t Trust Them On Everything

There might be a number of horrendous lies they told you just to gain sympathy. But why would they do so? This may be because they know that your heart will easily melt and you will do all possible things to be their support system. This may support them both financially and mentally. Think twice! Do they actually worth it? They didn’t only waste your time but played with your emotions.
This must be a lesson for you rather than a matter of grief and sorrow. Try to consider it as an experience for your life. This will give you motivation with better confidence and wisdom.

You Need To Cut The Contacts

A lie accompanies the other hundred lies. At some point in time, you were emotionally attached to the person, your complete world revolved around them and this is no lie that a single call by them can melt you again. Maybe they have a better strategy this time to bring you back. A better lie that can explain all the lies that they told you in the past. Better is to cut-off all the connections with your lying ex-boyfriend rather than falling in the false trap again.

Regain Your Confidence

This is true that you feel broken from inside. You feel that you can’t trust someone again but for how long? You can’t stay like this all your life. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. And maybe this happened to give you a lesson. You need to stand again with better confidence.

You don’t have to think that you need to do something to prove your ex-partner that you are superior but you need to do this for yourself. To face yourself as a better personality who can walk confidently in the crowd.

Equip Your Brain With Better Ideas

You just can’t be obsessed with your ex-partner who always lied to you. There are better and more productive things to think of rather than flooding your mind with thoughts like “did he cheat on me? Why did he? What was so important to lie?” these questions will give you no answer but only decrease your self-confidence. You need to invest your time to nourish your skills and polish your interests.

Surround Yourself With People You Can Rely On

It is important to be around a healthy company. Your company has a great influence on your lifestyle and mood. A person who possesses a positive aura will always take positive and eventually, you will feel the same way. You need to explore your social life that was once lost when you were in a toxic relationship.

Truth is the foundation of any relationship on which love resides. If your partner is lying all through the relationship then it is mere cheating.

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