Honesty Wins In A Relationship But Not Every Time

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Your relationship must be transparent and crystal clear on all terms. But is “Honesty really is the best policy” when it comes to relationships? Depending on the nature of a person you need to decide how much and what all truth you must share with your partner. At times the need is to hide a truth which is not really equivalent to a lie or means that you are cheating in your relationship. Sometimes you need to hide the complete truth to save your relationship.

When They Are Short-tempered

When you know your partner is short-tempered then you can’t expect to be completely honest. You can’t think that everything that you will tell them is completely understandable. You need to examine the situation as you already know that anger can fluctuate easily and affect your relationship. Maybe you can wait for the right time, to tell the truth, or hide it for a better sake.

Having An Over-possessive Partner

If you have an over-possessive partner then you can’t think of telling about your male friends to him. It is quite common to have friends of all genders when you are brought up in a co-head atmosphere. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t have friends now. But just in case if your partner is over-possessive the jealousy factors come along.

He might think of you cheating on him even if you are just out with a normal friend. You need to be very wise about what to tell your partner about it and exactly how as this can adversely affect your relationship if not handled properly.

The Complete Dependency

At times in a relationship, people get completely dependent on one another. For little issues that can be handled single-handed by you, there is no need to bug your partner. Every time someone is troubling you, you can’t just call your partner and ask them for help. This may lead to two things that they may think of: “why does this always happen to you only?” or “can’t you handle this yourself ?”

Honesty Is Not Just About The Truth

While looking for a partner the most important quality that is looked for is honesty. But what exactly honesty imply? Is it just about the truth in a relationship? Well no! When it comes to relationships, honesty is more about keeping your partner on the right path.

A little honesty from someone you love about oneself can help reshape the complete personality in a positive way. But you also need to mind your words when you don’t want your partner to be hurt. You can’t just tell your partner straight on their face that they look ugly. You need to quote the truth in a way that it sounds motivating as well as words of care.

Keeping Secrets

A “secret” means a “secret”. Maybe a friend of yours trusted you and share something with you that they wanted to be a secret between you both. Now, this doesn’t mean that because you love your partner and are honest with them, you can include them in the secret. Maybe your friend is not comfortable with your partner knowing their secret. Or maybe your partner isn’t a good secret keeper like you.

Yes, your relationship must be on top of your priority but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the importance of your other relationships especially friendship.

Honesty Must Be Defined As Concrete Truths

A lot of people mix truth with opinions that have completely different meanings. A fact or an event that actually happened is a concrete truth while your perception about something or someone is an opinion that cannot be asked as truth. You cannot throw your opinion on your partner thinking that you are being honest with them. Sometimes your words are enough for your partner to think twice about your relationship with them.

About Your Private History

Not everyone is comfortable accepting their partner’s past relationships. Sharing your intimacy and private moments of your past relationship is completely your decision. This might be possible that you think that sharing everything about your past private life with your partner will help to strengthen the bond. But this could take a 360-degree turn where your partner may think it another way as if you still thinking about your past relationship.

You can’t always lie in a relationship for the sake of saving it. You need to be faithful in a relationship, this may hide some truths that you think are not very important to share.


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