Why Texting Can be Devastating for Your Relationships?

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Technology has brought the world closer, but intimate relations still thrive on one-to-one communications. Often minuscule problems get inflated when couples choose to communicate with each other through texting. Could constant texting possibly ruin your close relationships?

Find Here Some Of The Devastating Effects Of Texting On Your Relationships

Repeated Texting Hampers Relationships

Texting has its advantages at workplaces, where communication on phone is limited. However, texting could not convey the sincere feelings expressed through the verbal conversations. Texting is fine up to a point where you need to pass on some vital information or fix a meeting time, but not when you need to express your real feelings. The studies have found that texting causes adverse effects on the relationships, especially when, your points of discussion include few sensitive topics.

Texting Could Misinterpret

The person to person communication requires facial expressions, voice modulations, and body language, besides the verbal discourse. In texting, it’s a different scenario with a big chance of misinterpretation. Your written words are weighed for their face value, not for their real expressions that you may have in your mind.

Most of the times your witty lines seem insulting to other person in text, as the crux of the joke is lost for the absence of your positive demeanor. In short, texting carries all the possibilities of not passing on actual messages across, causing devastating impact on your relationship.

Avoid texting when your relations are hanging in balance. This is where you need to have more physical and emotional presence to balance the sensitive situations.

Different Texting Purposes

As per some studies, men text for passing on information forward and women do texting to build better social relations. Men spend less time on phone talking but they share some activity in a purposeful ways. This texting tendency of women to share their scores of problems causes resentment in men, who would prefer to discuss and find solution together in person. Women, on other hand, feel resentful that their text messages are not finding a taker.

Multiple Texting

Every relation demands personal attention. While texting, you keep on messaging multiple people at a time. There could be hardly any warm responses in those short messages managed within a limited time. This can’t be termed as a proper interaction.

You might proclaim that you are in touch with many of your intimate friends and relatives, but your sincerity would be seriously missing from those interactions. Texting is largely considered appropriate for the professional needs or for conveying some information. However, it’s never taken for maintaining your relationships.

In contrast, when you are personally meeting someone, your attention is all for that person starting from hello to further conversations to goodbyes. However, in texting, you need to think of responding to numerous people and think about customizing each text massage that you need to send. So, when you plan to uphold your relationship, do it in person rather than texting to spoil it.

You Elude Your Own Company

Texting brings people on one platform, but personally speaking, the easy availability of all on this platform makes your own life problematic. You stay connected with many, but in that pursuit you are eluded of your own company. You need some time of the day, without any gadgets, for yourself to look for your self-development and remain sane also, in this techno-crazy world.

You are Eluded of Valuable Family time

When you are having a family dinner, your phone relentlessly keeps on buzzing with text messages. As a compulsive texting habit you get into it, letting family feel second fiddle to your texting habit. This not only affects your relationships but also socially, it sets a rude example.

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