11 Common Things Among Happy Couples Blissfully Married

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Commitment is the very first prerequisite to a happy relationship. It makes a happy marriage. But a relationship is like a plant. It must be watered regularly to stay healthy. The communication between a husband and a wife must be respectful. They must have the space to grow independently.

Let Us Take The 11 Things That All Healthy Relationships Have In Common

1. Respect

A couple must not treat each other with contempt. Fighting will take place. A husband and wife berate each other only if there is a problem. Respect overcomes problems and becomes even more important in the event of disagreements. Mutual respect sees marriages through.

2. Don’t Tell The Truth

Don’t tell everything to your partner. If they insist, don’t tell the truth. If a lie keeps your partner happy, it is more prudent than the truth. This keeps people happier over the long term. In spite of that, honesty and open communication work wonder for marriages.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Partner

Good communication skills are the foundation of a marriage. When your partner speaks, listen, else contempt will arise. Don’t play with your smartphone when your partner is around. Instead, pay attention. Try and make conversations frequently.

4. Keep A Check Over The Body Language

Keeping the arms crossed while you speak implies that you are concealing information. It goes to show that you have no desire to connect. Positive body language helps keep a relationship healthy, and hence a couple must go out of the way to keep their body language positive. They must recognize the extent to which their body language affects those around them

5. Do Not Be Complacent

If a couple acts as roommates, it brings toxicity to marriage, along with disinterest and boredom. Try something new if your partner is not receptive. Bringing new things into a marriage delivers joy. So always be receptive when your partner comes up with a new idea.

6. A Partner Should Grow Separately

Both partners should grow together. They should grow separately as well. So don’t be clingy all the time. This is going to drain out your partner’s emotions. Paying attention will then become an obligation. Letting your partner grow separately brings fulfillment at a personal level.

7. Seek Counseling

Whenever an issue arises with a marriage, seek counseling with an immediate effect. Interaction with a third party will bring things into perspective. A professional counselor will be of great help. Counseling shows your commitment to your partner.

8. Criticize Less And Compliment More

Criticism helps partners evolve. They build an understanding of the underlying issues. But to sustain a relationship, one must start complimenting one’s partner. In general, compliments and criticisms must be in the ratio of 5:1.

9. Appreciate Your Partner

Appreciation is the most important thing in a marriage. So make it a point to validate your partner. Appreciation brings in a sense of confidence, especially while parenting. Words can vary, but the effect must be consistent.

10. Stop Assuming

Discuss and split household chores, do not do it internally. Your partner may not understand, otherwise, and this may lead to conflicts. The discussion will keep your partner aware, and bring efficiency to the work processes. Talking it out will help you work your way out.

11. Make Time For Each Other

With parenting, a couple does not find sufficient time for one another. They will start feeling like co-workers. It is important for couples to recognize this aspect. So start finding time over the weekend for your partner or both can come home early from work on weekdays.

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