Good Night Messages & Quotes to Your Lover

Good Night Messages, Good Night Quotes, Good Night Status, Good Night Wishes

Having a lover is an incredible experience. It adds a lot of beauty to your life. However, you need to put effort to make things work and maintain the freshness in the relationship. Saying good night should not just end up being a courtesy.

21 Sweetest Good Night Messages

  1. When I go to bed, all I can think is about you. Your thoughts give me sweet dreams. Good night my love.
  2. I wish to dream only you and it is all that I want to wake up to a refreshing day. Have a good night sleep.
  3. When the night engulfs the day, I come near you as a soft breeze and cuddle you to sleep. Good night dear.
  4. When I am the night, you are my moonlight. Let us exist for one another till eternity. Wishing you a great night.
  5. When I go to bed, I can feel your presence. It is this feeling that adds joy to my lonely nights. Good night my love.
  6. We are very far from each other and our dreams bring us together. Have a lovely night and sweet dreams.
  7. Dream brings joy when you are part of it. Good night my dream girl.
  8. I wish the night just passes in a wink so that I can meet you and give you a cuddle of love. Goodnight my lady.
  9. Night is just another reason to wait for you. Wishing you a splendid night when I count the hours left to meet you.
  10. You are the sweetest dream I can imagine. Have a blissful night dear.
  11. I cannot cuddle you now so I am sending my cuddles and kisses with the breeze. Have a lovely night babes.
  12. The dreams we see every day are the glimpses of our future. Sweet dreams darling.
  13. All I want is to see your face and I know my dreams are always you. Goodnight sweet heart.
  14. Night resembles a world of fantasy with the essence of romance with beautiful moonlight, glitters of the stars and the soft touch of the breeze. Feel the romance and have a blissful sleep.
  15. This message is to tell you, you are the only one I adore. Goodnight my heartbeat.
  16. Hi my love, step in to my dream and embrace with all the love you have for me. Sweet dreams dear.
  17. Kisses and cuddles my teddy bear. You are all that I want in my life. Goodnight sweetheart.
  18. You are my moon, my sunshine and the love of my life. Goodnight dear one.
  19. I may not be able to come with sugar coated words but I offer you all the love in my heart. Cuddles and kisses my dear.
  20. The sparkle in your eyes can lit this night. Goodnight my love
  21. When your fears scare you in dreams, search for my hands, I will be right beside you and cuddle you to sleep. Goodnight dear.

18 Best Good Night Quotes

  1. Night opens a new world, filled with dreams that just embraces your eyelids.
  2. When darkness swallows every ray of light, its not fear but the dreams that emerge
  3. A moonlit night, soft breeze, the embrace of dreams and a blissful sleep is the most beautiful face of life.
  4. Rhythm of rain, the cuddle of a chill breeze, sparkles of lighting, roar of a thunder and all I can think about is the warmth of your breath.
  5. On a day you chase your dreams and at night the dreams chase you.
  6. Day transforms to night and night to day like how we are connected with each other for eternity.
  7. I wait for your glimpse like night waits for the soft smile of the moon.
  8. Day might know me but not my heart but night lets me open my heart and share my dreams.
  9. Moon shied away seeing your face that outshined her.
  10. A sleepless night may not bother me but a dream without you crashes me from within.
  11. You are the moon that lights up my dark nights.
  12. I love my dreams as they never let me miss you.
  13. Night will not look scary, if you embrace her soul
  14. The wait for the day to meet you, makes my night lengthy.
  15. The feeling of solitude turns beautiful with the colors that every dream add to the nights.
  16. Darkness is not sorrow but it has all the colors hidden in it.
  17. I do not want to change anything about night as she always bring you in my dreams
  18. I feel your love in the symphony of the wind that lets me forget the darkness of the night.

21 Great Good Night Statuses

  1. Sun may not accept me but moon always cradles me on her lap
  2. You are the moon that fades away the darkness in my life
  3. I am waiting to listen to that sweet voice which resembles the music of the breeze that sings to me at night.
  4. Bliss is your moonlit face with the most adorable smile
  5. As the night evolves, she shows me how deep my love is for you
  6. When I try to sleep, wind slowly whispers your name and I close my eyes hard with the hope to find you in my dreams
  7. Night and the drizzle are the most romantic couple I know.
  8. I know I cannot touch the moon but she embraces me with her blissful aura.
  9. Night reminds me of the most beautiful place to sleep and that is close to your chest.
  10. Rhythm of the breeze resembles the music of your heartbeats.
  11. When the breeze cuddles me in my bed, I feel the warmth of your breath
  12. Night is my best friend, who knows every bit about you and our dreams
  13. When love embraces your soul, night reveals her mysteries
  14. Night cannot be about nightmares if your heart has felt the touch of love
  15. When you cuddle me to sleep, all my dreams shy away.
  16. Moon knows how to show the beauty of love.
  17. Night splashes colors from its black bucket to our dreams
  18. Sleeping on the lap of nature, feeling the fragrance of love brings the most adorable dreams
  19. Nights are the best for the dreams they weave in with the love that we share.
  20. Warm cuddles, sweet kisses and a blissful night of lovely dreams
  21. I stay awake at night, just to watch your smile in your sleep.

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