Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating In Same Profession

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It seems a natural evolution for colleagues to develop liking for each other and get into a relationship. Dating someone in same profession, with whom you spend better time of the day, seems potentially long-lasting. However, despite having similar wavelength of their minds, they too could have their sets of worries. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of dating in same profession.

Advantages of Dating When in Same Profession

  • Mutual Understanding: Every job has become very demanding nowadays and working hours of every job are different than others. When you are dating someone in the same profession, you don’t need to explain every time the reason for being late. Your partner would understand the reason for not keeping up the promise. Normally arguments and discords between couples happen because of meeting time issues.
  • Business and Personal Life: The combination of business and personal interactions are two different threads of conversations, but people in same trade find this rather suitable for their stronger relations. They find it easier to discuss personal lives at the work place and official things at personal home grounds.
  • Understanding Freak Nature: The scope for a healthy discussion is more in people in the similar trade, than the people from different backgrounds. Particularly, when they understand the issues, bothering the partners and reasons for the freaky reactions because of certain official problems, The dating for those people hits off well, as both know all the positives and negatives sides of each other.
  • Guiding Force: The dating for a couple with the same background has the benefit of guidance they can receive from each other. The pressure of earning bread forces their love life to mingle with their professional life.
  • Success Mantra: The dating between the couple from same professional background is suggested because as often seen, they prompt and help each other to attain success and achieve goals. They help each other in setting goals to grow and climb ladders in their professional careers.

Disadvantages of Dating When in Same Profession

  • Financial Uncertainty: The saying ‘one should not keep all the eggs in one basket’ is close to the mark, when both are in the same profession. It’s a disadvantage when both share same profession. They are in a soup when their profession hits a dead-end or the business faces a recession. They can get over this problem, if one is in different profession and is able to provide financial support to withstand this situation.
  • Bad Competition: If the couples are pitted against each other in the same profession, they become tough competitors. In this tougher market situation each needs to achieve targets to survive. Thus, they start hiding things with each other and become targets of jealousy. The healthy competition is soon replaced by competitiveness that may spoil their love lives.
  • Different but Closer: The couples who are in different professions have their own mutual charms and advantages than those in same professions. Of course, it may be an advantage in certain areas as described, but there are disadvantages also. If partners belong to the same profession, there is hardly any excitement of finding newer aspects that the different professions can offer. Their conversation would be limited to their common offices and things happening in routine during the course of the day. While partners in different professions can share and discover much more about each other’s profession and exciting things happening there to make their love life peppier.

Dating between couples from same profession has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages, if you love or have attraction for someone keep these things in mind before dating.


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