Signs That Defy Your Love for a Person

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When you love someone, it shows on your face, body language, and gestures. However, the same signs switch off when you are not open to love. When in love, whole day would look so small, but when you are not in love, each minute would seem like hours.

Here Are Few Signs That You Are Not Open To Love.

When You Stop Caring

Two people in love care for each other but constantly fight too. Fighting is a form of love in couples. However, when they stop fighting suddenly, then you might establish, yes there is something very wrong somewhere. You are not open to love when it doesn’t make a difference to your partner, whether you are late in reaching home, or whether you have a career issue, which earlier you used to discuss in detail.

Intimacy Lacks Excitement

When your partner has an emotional disconnect, you will notice a distinct change in bed at night. Your physical relationship would lack intimacy and cuddling of olden times. You would know that you are not open to love, when your sexual life fizzles out. Check if your partner reciprocates to your kisses and hand holding gestures, if not then this could be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

End of Discussions on Future Plans

When you find certain calm, contrary to what you used to have in conversing regularly earlier in your relationship. When you were in love, you used to daydream for hours together and plan on variety of subjects like what after school, career plans, holidaying, and marriage plans etc.

However, when this all become irrelevant in chats, as one of them or both start avoiding the subject, then you must realize love does not exist between you anymore. If your partner is not giving right green signals, then you must realize your partner is not open to love.

Uncompromising Stand

When you are uncomfortable in selecting your date on various grounds like political inclinations and certain relationship norms, these may be clear signs that you are not open to love. If smaller issues are so huge for you that you can’t make up your mind, you are not open to love. As, there are lots of things you need to ignore or let go, when you are in a relationship.

Apprehensive Mind

When you are apprehensive of your partner and romantic love, it is always an accepted fact that you are not open to love. Love means sacrificing your personal whims and fancies and bringing a balance between yours and your partner’s desires and expectations. With this mindset of self-doubt, you may be closed to your love life.

Go For Self-Love

Self-love is as important as your love for your partner. If you do not love yourself, chances are you may not do it to anyone else. You need to prepare yourself by loving yourself more. Self-love mainly includes a preparation on your looks, your good health, eating habits, exercising, and your attitude. You can expect love from other person, if you fully love yourself. If you don’t then you not really open to love.

Expecting Perfection from Your Partner

This is the universal fact that no human is made out a perfect specimen. However, when you expect your partner to be perfect, you are trying to delve with the universal law. Besides, expecting perfection in your partner is a clear sign that you are not open to love as of now. If you are ready for love, you would need to ignore things you might not appreciate in your normal self. Remember, in longer relationships, so many ideally expected things never matter.

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