Texts That Show That He Likes You A Lot


You have been texting a guy for a long time and wonder what he feels about you. It might be possible that you like him and you feel that he has the same feelings for you as well but yet not sure about it as he has not expressed anything that could tell you what actually he endures.

Maybe he is just being polite with you and you are taking it the other way. This might be very confusing! But there are some obvious things that you could look for in his texts to figure out his feelings and calm your mind.

Some Obvious Phrases

If he texts you phrases like “I wish you were here”, “I miss your presence”, “I missed you all day long” then this tells you that he has some feelings for you.

You can ask your mutual friends if he texts her the same way as he texts you. If he treats you differently and tries to make you feel special then there is something in his heart for sure.

Noticing Even The Minute Changes In You

If he notices every single detail about you and texts you to praise you for the changes, then definitely he feels something for you. He is actually making efforts to make you feel special and confident about the changes that you made in your life.

This could be a change in your looks, your work style your routine, or maybe your haircut. Guys who like you notice every small detail about you.

Constantly Trying To Impress You

If he is constantly trying to highlight his achievements and accomplishments then the possible reason could be that he is trying to impress you. He wants you to get attracted to him by making you feel of him as a man with great achievements.

He Shares His Fragile Side With You

Most men are not open to sharing their feelings with everyone. The “not so fragile” characteristic is one such thing that is depicted in the personality of a lot of men.

Sharing details of private life is not a thing that men usually do. If he is opening his fragile side to you by sharing his feelings and his problems, then he definitely has something in his heart for you.

He Is Jealous Of Other Men Around You

If he is your co-worker and trying to keep you away from other men in the office then this is because they are jealous. Jealousy is a primary feeling that comes with the attraction of a person.

He may directly tell you to stay away from other men or tell you things about them that you would never like and decide to stay away.

Long Texts Signify Emotions

If he is texting you long messages to explain even the smallest things then you definitely hold some priority in his life. He is trying to maintain the conversation with you and expects you to keep up with the two-way communication.

He Compliments You Too Much

If he examines deeper ends to compliment you on things that can motivate you in your life then this is something that only a person who actually has feelings for you would do. Other boys may compliment you superficially to impress you, while he is actually making efforts to make you feel happy.

He Is Asking A Lot About You

Not everyone will make efforts to know what actually is going on in your life. He may try to find out about your likes, dislikes, and things that keep you happy. He may be asking too many questions related to your personal life to know more about you and the people that you have in your life.

Just a few texts cannot really tell you if the guy really has some feelings for you or he is just playing around. Some guys try to get it hard and when they realize the girls aren’t interested they stop texting. You need to give some time to this and then keep an account of his texts to figure out if he really likes you or not.

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