Reasons Men Shun Away from Commitments

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Commitment is the spirit of a relationship but several men shun from it. Being dedicated to one woman doesn’t seem a bright idea to them. They often get in and get out of the relationships like changing clothes. There are several psychological, personal, and social reasons that set their non-committal mindset.

Here Are Those Reasons

Phobia of Rejection

Some men have a strong phobia of rejection. They feel their partners would dump them when they lose interest in them. They live in a frame of insecurity and hate one-to-one talks. These men are not honest to themselves and others.
They try to get out of the relationship when some disagreements crop up. Because they can’t confront their partners with logic. Besides, normally they resort to messages, wriggle out of commitment and move away for other pastures. Normally, they walk off before their partners could do it.

Freedom at Stake

Commitment for many men is a taboo word, as they feel it’s the loss of their freedom. They don’t accept the idea of reporting to their partners for most issues of the day. They want to be in a relationship but still need their freedom of doing their own things like hanging out with their friends for as much time as they please. These men feel their freedom pinched when pointed for causing mistakes and sloppiness.


Trust in each other is the base of the commitment for each other. Some men don’t trust on themselves this is why they don’t trust on their partners. The mistrust is the sign of their flailing integrity and they measure partners with the same scale of their own mentality. These kinds of men often are jealous and lack trust in their partners. They walk off from the relationships, as soon as they get a hint of a ‘third person’, which often is their own brain child.

Fear of Being Overpowered

Most men fear to lose their say and scared to hand over their control to their partners. This nagging fear often trickles down from their growing days, when they were controlled by their mothers. Men often respect their independence, probably more than the women do.
They want to stay in relationships, but not at the cost of losing their freedom. This thought is more like a situation of ‘eating your cake and having it too’. The thought of being controlled shakes the idea of commitment badly.


Many men have an inbuilt fear of not being lovable. They feel insecure and consistently need the approval of their partners about their looks and what partners feel about them. More often than not their decisions are influenced by the views of their partners. Due to their insecurity about themselves they go overboard in trying to make their partners happy. Emotionally uncomfortable in the relationships, these men back out when asked for a longer time commitment.

Extra Priorities

Life is not all about the roses and candle light dinners only, it can be really demanding sometimes. Most of the times, people have to perform a balancing act between their love lives and responsibilities. Many could do it with a pinch of salt, while some find hard to keep a balance in their lives. Their commitments in relationships, succumb often to other commitments.

Secrets & Past

Many men fear for commitments because of some inbuilt fears and secrets in their lives that they despise revealing to their partners. Those fears could be about their careers, families, relatives, or their shameful pasts. Their fears of getting exposed hold them back to dive into the deeper sides of the pools.

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