Ways to Impress A Girl To Become Your Girlfriend

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Generally, men are apprehensive that their dating offers might offend the women or get them an outright rejection. Asking a woman out for a date and offering her to become your girlfriend is not as complicated as you might presume. This quest for a man to woo a woman to be his girlfriend can be daunting but it requires right strategies.

Here Are Ways You Can Impress A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend.

Build a stronger Friendship First

You should not be overconfident and walk to a good looking girl and propose her to be your girl-friend. The movie scenes are hardly repeated in real life. You need to build up a friendship with her to make her comfortable before you put forth your proposal.

Smile & Stay Cool

Smile is a big ice-breaker, you must smile and say hello to her, when you come across her. You must look happy when you meet her with warmth. Slowly, you must build a friendly relationship with the girl you’re interested in. Look into her eyes, smile warmly, and say hello to open a window of conversation. Things you need to care at this moment is, you don’t need to stare at her longer than required, unless you want to end before you begin the chat.

Smart Chats

Chat must start by you asking her about her day followed by the general chit-chat so that the girl gets comfortable talking to you and like to spend more time with you. Then slowly switch over to her life, her occupation, family, and other related issues. If she gets inspired to talk to you more often, you have made right inroads in getting her attention.

Trust Factor

She could be your girlfriend if she feels comfortable in sharing her problems with you. This means she trusts you and trust is the base of any solid relationship. However, when she doesn’t respond much on your asking about her day, then don’t pursue further. If she seems upset you can drop the line that you can listen to if she wants to vent out.


Raise the level of chats to find what she has in common to you. A peep into her hobbies and pastime can do this trick. You can ask about her likings on food, movies, favorite movie or sport stars, and music. These topics open up the chain of conversations that can bring you closer. In doing all these, you need to be honest not fake, as your genuineness will be appreciated by your future girlfriend.

Your sense of humor could also pave the way too her heart. Add her to your social media discreetly and send her funny memes that she would love. She would love it even more if your posts relate to her interests.

Finally, to seal the deal you need to interact with her near & dear ones. If you will mix well with her friends and relatives you are bound to strike right chord with her. Surely, with these strategies you can impress her to become your girlfriend.

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