Get Over Your Fear of Rejection and Move On

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The feeling of rejection in love and life always hurts but it is not the end of road. It surely challenges your confidence and starts questioning your self-worth. You become apprehensive and doubtful of your abilities and future encounters. At this juncture, you must not drool over what happened to infuse fear of rejection. You need to conquer the fears of rejection move on bravely.

Rejection in Romantic Relationships

The rejection in romantic relationship is tough to ignore, as your dreams and future plans come crashing down. You feel pain and shame when rejected by your partner. Overall you may feel pessimistic, isolated, undesirable, and boring and these considerations overtake your clear thinking and leave behind a tormenting feeling of losing your love for good.

Rejection doesn’t mean you are not good enough, but people who broke your heart failed to find the right qualities in you. You need to think clearly through your foggy state of thinking that each time you are rejected means you are redirected to something much better.

Major Fear of Rejection Symptoms

  • Feeling of rejection brings assumptions that people may see you in negative perspective.
  • You suddenly start believing your dreams are all shattered.
  • You begin to lose self-believe and self-worth.
  • You start thinking that you sound no more interesting to people.
  • Generally, you are disappointed with your life and yourself.
  • You start feeling you are dumb, incapable, and untalented.
  • You start working harder and past the stipulated office hours to prove a pointless logic.
  • The symptoms of anxiety begin to show up.
  • You start finding excuses to escape from a possible rejection.

How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection?

To overcome the fear of rejection, you need to identify what stimulates this phobia. This fear needs to be removed gradually and surely to bring back your self-esteem back. Now when you know this fear, start to overcome it step by step.

  1. Reject False-Assumptions to Remove Fear of Rejection
    You must smile as often as possible to show that you have rejected the fear of rejection, making it a thing of the past. Control those signals that repel people to reaffirm your fears. Start on a positive note and look for the signs of acceptance in other people.
  2. Consider Rejection as the Redirection
    You must understand that rejection is merely a redirection, in other words a course correction that sets your destiny. So, why fear for rejection when you are in for the brighter things in life. So, are you ready to kick off to a new course? Then stop worrying and drop off all your fears of rejection.
  3. Stay Positive
    Are you staying in fear of rejection and fear to jump in even in the shallow side of the pool? Then you have a negative mindset that is promoting the fear that is stopping you from venturing out. The mantra to get out of that rut is dropping the thoughts of rejection and concentrate on positive notes like making friends, getting promotions, and getting more output in work.
  4. Let Your Imagination Flourish
    For getting over the fear of rejection, you need to be creative with your imagination, visualizing yourself to be more confident, thriving and making indelible impression on others including your love interest. Drop the thought process of rejection and reshape your mindset.
  5. Reschedule Your Priorities For Success In Life
    Try shunning the thoughts that support rejection fears today. In between success and yourself stands the fear of rejection. You must remember before you move on that if all doors are closed there will be one that would be open for you. So, move on with a smile, unruffled by any fear of rejection.

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