11 Of The Top Ways To Propose For Marriage

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Proposing to your partner is always challenging. One is unsure regarding the right way to go about it. When one proposes for marriage, the couple opens up a fresh chapter in life.

Here are a Few of The Top Do’s and Don’ts While You Propose.

1. Be Sure

Speak about marriage before you propose. It should be something that both partners look forward to. This ensures that your partner is not taken by surprise.

2. Upkeep The Element Of Surprise

Even while you have discussed marriage earlier, the proposal must come by as a surprise. So wait for a situation wherein your partner is actually surprised by the proposal.

3. Be Mentally Prepared

It is difficult to pop the question. It is natural to feel shy. So, let your first attempt be before the mirror. Practice while you are perfect. One also has a choice at jotting down a phase and memorizing it to perfection. Make sure that the delivery is confident.

4. Invest In A Nice Engagement Ring

An engagement ring stands for a lifelong commitment and must be chosen right. So, one can go window shopping, order an engagement ring online or take one’s loved one’s advice over the kind of rings they like. Since the engagement ring is a reasonable investment, it is preferable if either partner likes it.

5. Go For A Ring Of Your Partner’s Choice

A few of the people are choosy regarding jewelry. So how does one make sure that one invests in a ring that one’s partner likes? The right way to go about it is to go shopping for the ring together. This will take the surprise away from the proposal. But it still is a nice option. It would be a kind of a prelude to a proposal and will excite your partner’s spirits.

6. Discuss The Matters With The Parents

It is always better to get parents’ blessings and support for the marriage. Speaking to the parents is a great idea.

7. Propose At A Romantic Spot

Figure out a romantic picnic spot for your proposal. When the location is right, the question will pop easily. One has a variety of choices at one’s disposal in this regard. One can pop the question in one’s living room. Otherwise, one can take one’s partner to London and propose over there. Ultimately, it is entirely based upon your discretion.

8. Propose Creatively

Let your personality reflect in your proposal. Talk about your hobbies as well and make the proposal unique. It should be one-of-a-kind, such that it incites the best response from your partner.

9. Drop On One Knee

It is prudent to drop on one knee while proposing. It is one of the most romantic and charming things in life. This brings essence to the proposal and makes the occasion monumental.

10. Tell Your Partner What Makes Them Special

When you propose marriage, you must make sure that you tell your partner why you want to marry them. This adds substance to the proposal. So do not just utter the four magic words. Instead, speak about what marriage means to you. Similarly, you should tell about all that you expect from the future. You could also talk about how much your partner means to you and what change they have bought about in your life.

11. Take Your Own Time

When you are about to propose, you should take your own time. Go about it slowly. There is no hurry. A relaxed approach will only make you more confident. So, contemplate what you need to say before you propose. Think about togetherness and engagement, and let your mind be full of positive thoughts.


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