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Why People Still Use Omegle?

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Omegle is a chat platform for strangers. One does not need to create a profile account for chatting with strangers. This simplifies the processes for a webcam chat. One is also permitted to use a .edu mail id over Omegle. This makes chatting with university students easier.

Omegle is the best platform for finding like-minded people. One can tag one’s interests, which helps one find the right kind of strangers. A user is not bound to one chat. He can disconnect the cam chat with an immediate effect if he does not find it to be interesting.

History of Omegle Webcam chat dates back to 2008. Those were the days just before the usage of the internet had boomed. Social media was yet to reach its peak.
But an online chat with friends was not new to the internet. Yahoo! Messenger used to be a very popular app back then.

Omegle video chat however used to be different from Yahoo! Messenger in some distinctive ways. Users were not required to know each other before chatting. It would be fine if they were separated by half the circumference of the world.
Most importantly, a user could unleash the entire functionality of the Omegle cam website, without going ahead with the registration.

Omegle enjoys, over 10,000 daily users, just like Chatroulette. Bots also prevail within the website. But the problem that arises with Omegle is that one can never be sure. Users hide their true identities. They pretend to be the people they are not.

Spy Mode Chat

Spy mode chat is a common kind of chat over Omegle. One is not required to sign in for a spy mode chat. It is the text-only version of Omegle chat. The issue with the spy mode chat is that it is difficult to be aware of a user’s true identity.

Video Chat

Video chat is a more common version of Omegle chat. The face of a user stays visible to his partner. To maintain anonymity, a user can wear a mask as well. But in most cases, one can expect the face to stay visible.


Omegle also gives users a chance at finding chats that capture their interest and imagination. This is achieved by using tags for the chats. Tags are keywords that define what you need to chat about. So, the Omegle server correspondingly connects you to the chats that meet your interests.

College Student Chat

College student chat is another area of Omegle chat wherein college students look for other college students. One of the basic ways of going about the same is to chat using your college email id. The college email id characteristically ends as .edu.XX, where. XX is the name of your college. The college email is not stored. It is not seen by the users one chats with as well.

Omegle User Interface

People are reasonably amused by the user interface of the Omegle chat. But the user interface of Omegle has been straightforward, ever since its launch a decade back. Changes in the user interface have been minimal. Text can be easily sent over by pressing the enter button.

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