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Are Chatting Log on Omegle Recorded, Saved, And Recovered?

Omegle chat log, Omegle Private Policy

Omegle is one of the most frequented chat sites alike Randomchat that presents a platform to connect globally with the strangers randomly. They get exciting features here for video chats and text-based chats. It’s a random chat site where one can connect and disconnect at will, without disclosing identity.

You can talk about anything with every stranger there matching your interests. You can freely connect or disconnect at will anytime during the chats and move over to another available stranger. As Omegle never asks for your profile and register you your personal record, your identity stays anonymous.

However, as per Omegle policy, you can choose to save your chat logs and if you want, you can share that on Facebook too. However, Omegle is never believed to save your chat log, unless requested.

Ways To Save A Chat Log On Omegle

Omegle offers assistance in saving your chat log when you finish chatting. However, Omegle requires the consent of both the chatting persons. After saving your chat log, Omegle allows a chat log ID and a URL. When a conversation on Omegle is complete, both users have the option to save the log.

This becomes your key to reopen the chat log by entering allotted ID & URL. Save this key somewhere for future reference, but if you forget the URL, by Google’s help you can recover URL, but remembering ID is mandatory. The site modifier only searches websites with the URL.

Facebook Incorporation

The saved chat log is accessible by you for publishing on Facebook, which you will add on the Omegle chat log option. However, this is your prerogative only if you want that chat log with a stranger to be seen by your friends on Facebook.

Private Policy of Omegle

The privacy policy of Omegle clearly states that ‘Chat messages are screened by an automated system for spam. The messages are not stored, but only those messages flagged as suspicious are stored until the time the select messages are read by a human being to analyze the contents and improve anti-spam software and other quality control tools of Omegle.’

Different Perception

However, there are some other studies that point to Omegle for not going as per the books. The chats are all recorded and saved on Omegle, as per an IT expert Indrajeet Bhuyen. The users on Omegle carry a perception that chats are private and not recorded once they are off the chat.
Their innocuous thinking leads them to share some sensitive information during chats. Their vulnerability in this regard can be misused by the site or most likely by the hackers.

There are not many who read the privacy policy of Omegle, as they hurriedly get over to meet a stranger to chat and have some carnal fun. As there is no need for logging and any direction from the site to read the privacy policy, no one gets any wiser.

They consider whatever sensitive material they share is safe, but not for the hackers. The result could be disturbing, as all the sensitive material could fall into the wrong hands and made public, or it could become the tool for blackmailing by some rogue people.

Cover Your Loose Ends

Omegle although never refuses that they don’t record, but they made people believe through their marketing that they are safe in chatting. Whatever, the insight is on the intentions of Omegle you must stay alert, ‘save your house from leakage before you blame the rains’. With all the pros and cons of Omegle, it’s still a popular site in the category of chat sites like Chatroulette to offer you hours of fun chat time.


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