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Discovering Omegle is like discovering an Online Pandora’s box. It has all that one can dream of in a chat site. It’s not a typical chat room that you find plenty online. You can connect with global strangers and chat through texts and videos, but still, you remain an unknown entity.

It doesn’t require you to register or sign up. Omegle engages people to have one-on-one chats with mandatory handles like ‘You and Stranger’. The list of amazing features of Omegle is long, but there are some scary parts too that one needs to take with a pinch of salt.

People Of All Kinds

Omegle being a free chat site allows anyone to barge in and start chatting, thus it has all kinds of people on its platform. There are many who are there to exchange ideas and gain information from international chatters. A big chunk of young people gets on Omegle for stranger chats. Besides, there are spammers and some rogue elements also out there to harass people.

Social networking has consumed our lives and generated an army of trolling people. The chat sites also have their own set of negative people who become part of some scary memories of the users. These experiences have made everyone smarter with almost two decades of internet involvement. However, there are still many who are naïve about it. Here are some scariest experiences of some Omegle users.

Scary Omegle Experiences

Not everything is rosy about internet social dating & chatting sites, where couples meet and chat to plan for their present and future lives. However, there are a lot of many people who visit chats like Omegle for different other reasons, other than getting there for being lonely, bored, and anonymous.

  • There is an episode of a teenager, who shared his Omegle experience of meeting a girl on a chat site. They started chatting through texts and got fascinated with her. They started chatting on Skype but when he asked her to video chat, she refused to pretend she can’t because her laptop camera is damaged. They became pally until after many months, the boy found out that ‘girl’ he was talking with was actually a boy.
  • There are some people who prefer to share their guilt of a crime they committed with someone anonymous as on Omegle. There was a couple on Omegle who confessed to a crime they committed on their toddler. They locked toddler in a hot apartment to have fun elsewhere. Though guilty of the death of their toddler, they tried to make it sound if that was inevitable and they don’t have any role in this tragedy. The scary part was that they wanted sympathy for the unpardonable sin. They were out on Omegle to console that they did nothing wrong.
  • There was one single woman living with her teenaged son alone. While chatting on Omegle she had ample wine and lost her senses and started love chat. She confessed to having carnal desires with her adolescent son. The world has some really weird people.
  • Someone shared his creepiest experience in a chat room. A freaky woman said she was exploited by a devil himself. On the chat site where everyone was anonymous, she knew the chatting boy’s name, his parent’s name, his looks, and even his residence.She went one step forward and told the boy to kill himself to find abode in heaven. She said she works for the devil and wants to die and go to heaven to make love with God. The boy got scared and went offline for many months before he could recover from this shocking episode.

The harrowing stories are plenty on Omegle that is one of the best chat sites.

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