Think Before Dating A Girl Who Writes

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“Their Pen knows everything” It is true when people say that writers belong to another world. When we certainly imagine men from Mars and women from Venus then how about an add-on to it? It is said that dating a writer woman can be a little tricky for you, as something in your mind is what she can see in your eyes.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating a Girl Who Is A Writer.

She Is Very Emotional

It is true that women who write have an excess of emotions. Say it love, hatred, sorrow, or joy. If she is happy she will create a spring world for you but when sad you will feel like a villain of any action movie. To writer girls, each emotion is a new topic where she can pin down her story on point. She can turn any small fight into a misery.

Her Words Can Be Confusing

Writers know how to wrap their words. It sometimes is difficult to understand if they actually are praising you or shooting the sarcasm, and when it comes to girls, things become even more confusing.

If she says “I want the moon and stars sliding down to my feet.” This doesn’t mean that she wants you to go to the sky and actually do that, but I want you to invest a little more effort to make her feel that you love her.

She Has A Fantasy World

Anytime she can fantasize herself as Juliet and you as Romeo as the mind is full of thoughts to write a new fairy tale. She can talk all about supernatural creatures, unrealistic dragons, fairies, and put you in a certain hypothetical situation where you feel difficult to answer.

Breakups Are Quite Nasty

If you ever break up with your writer’s girlfriend, this is not going to be a normal breakup for you. This will be the climax where all the sad emotions would follow. Long letters and the mess of break that will flow through words will leave a long-lasting impact on you. Even if it’s not by your side, you will start blaming yourself for all that happened, diving into a depression pool.

You Need To Carry A Bucket of Appreciation

No matter whether you love reading or not, now you need to get used to reading and listening to everything that she writes. Doesn’t matter if you understand it or not, you always need to appreciate her and tell her what you like the most about it. Writers find appreciations as the source of motivation and when you are their partner this becomes a must from your side.

You Will Never Have Enough Words To Please Her

No matter how hard you try, you can’t match up the level of their words. There is always a void left when it comes to complete display of emotions as the expectations would be supreme. As a result, because of not being able to express feelings in the way she does, you will end up feeling not worth her.

You Can’t Impress Her With Gifts

You will be super confused when it comes to choosing a gift for your writer’s girlfriend. It might be possible that you think of giving her a book, but then the most important question, “which one to choose?” You can never think about a perfect book or a particular genre when it comes to writers.

You May Play Different Characters In Her Story

This is true that your relationship will be a new fully flexed story for her where you are playing different characters. At times you will be the villain during a fight or a hero when the love is flowing. It is sometimes difficult to characterize person too. She may be very quiet that you will feel jealous of her diary as more than you, her diary will know everything about her. Or sometimes she may be so talkative that you feel irritated.

It is always wise to think twice before you actually decide to date a writer’s girlfriend.

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