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Omegle is surely one of the best chat sites frequented by millions across the world. You can text or video chat with a stranger online without revealing your identity. You can chat on variety of subjects as per your interests including adult chats with opposite-sex. Like Camchat and Randomchat chat sites, you can chat through your webcam on Omegle, which is available on your phone too.


Omegle has jumped out to the larger numbers of users, when they made Omegle available to smartphone users. A smartphone can be easily accessed any time, being in every hand. Its mobile website is very user-friendly. However, there are still many who find it difficult to switch over from laptop to mobile. You can learn here the ways to use Omegle on the phone.


Download Suitable Browser

Getting off to using Omegle on phone, you need to check for the right browser. Download suitable browser like Puffin Browser or penguin or others to allow you a compatibility with Omegle’s video chats and texting. You need to download a highly recommended Puffin Browser’a. apk file, but avoid downloading this browser from Play Store. Downloading this browser from Play Store can curtail some of its features. You can try downloading it from some other websites to enjoy its full features.

Launch the App

Launch the app and enter ‘’ in the address bar after you completed the task of downloading and installing Puffin browser.

Shift Over to Desktop Version

You need to choose desktop version on your phone, as mobile website version restricts the video chats. Click on the three dots on top of the home page to request for the desktop site. Once you do it, refresh the site to continue with your exciting chat experience.

Get Right of Entry to Puffin or Other Suitable Browser

Omegle will reload the page, after you select desktop option. Click ‘Video’ preference, like you do it on your laptop. Video’s window will pop open when you select video chat after accessing and offering camera and microphone support to the browser. Offer access to Puffin for using video chat, click on ‘Allow’ option, which will take you to Puffin’s window for getting permission. Here, you can allow access to microphone and camera.

Security Process

You need to prove you are not a robot, as Puffin browser asks for the CAPTCHA to get assured that you are a human user. CAPTCHA will soon appear after you click ‘you are not a robot’ option. For verification it may ensure with other pictorial versions for safety. Once done, you can get on with the video chatting.


Ways to begin using Omegle Video Chat on Android mobile phone.

  • Download a suitable browser like Puffin or Penguin.
  • Enter Omegle on address bar.
  • Switch to the desktop version.
  • Give access of camera and microphone to the Browser
  • Prove you are not a robot.
  • GET GOING for an amazing experience of Omegle on your phone.


There is a big user community of iPhone across the world and everyone would like to know how Omegle works on the iPhone. Omegle is available on iPhone but not without installing a compatible browser. There are few suitable browsers such as Puffin, Penguin, and few more to have video chatting experience through Omegle on your iPhone. You can access these browsers on some reliable websites, which you can download easily. You can also download it from Play Store, although there are reports of few features getting a miss when browser downloaded from Play Store on iPhone.

Enjoy Omegle on your phone!

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