Small yet Drastic Mistakes That Women Make to Turn Off Men

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Despite being a committed woman, you may wonder sometimes what made your man drift away from you. The answer lies in analyzing some mistakes you might have made unknowingly. You may consider those mistakes small, but may be those mistakes are more drastic than you think.

Here Are Some Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away From Them

Negative Mindset

Everyone is under pressure because of several external and internal factors. Negativity drives positivity away from actions and thoughts. The result often is drastic, as you may notice in your changing moods from good to bad. When you deal with your man in a bad mood, the result won’t be in line with your expectations. Your constant bad mood hampers his mindset and your good relations.


Things start going wrong when a person becomes judgmental by limiting to only black and white colors. Here, the problem deteriorates, when you start assessing your man either right or wrong, without giving thought to the other factors behind it. Your extreme thinking amounts to mistrust, which often causes ultimate situation, where you lose your man for good.

Rushing After Him

You can turn the guy off when you chase him persistently and he takes his own time to focus on you. Setting after him is often not very fruitful, as the results could be opposite to your endeavors. Slow and steady wins the race, let him take his own sweet time and you must make your advances subtle and your charm unshakeable. Rushing after him is not suggested, because being very obvious in approach could shorten your relationship.


Being self-obsessed in a relationship could be your undoing that could lead to the break off with your partner. The relationship lasts longer only when you think above you and think of your partner. Your fixation goes on to chase the man away from your relationship where you only talk about yourself and your achievements. Your self-obsession goes above the logical areas of relationship to focus on your personal fears, worries, needs, and goals. During your obsessive indulgence, you forget that the relationships never survive plying on a single track.

Showing the Dire Needs

Being needy is not in same league as looking and acting like one. More often than not, women who exhibit their needy sides never find approving men. Usually, neediness set about a set of behaviors including, repeated calling & messaging, signals of being too available, feeling of jealousy, and possessive for his time & attention. However, neediness is a mindset, which is a manifestation of set of behaviors.

Forced Relationship

Relationship is a reciprocal bond, where you cannot force any unwilling person to love you. Win an admirer in him first, then a boyfriend who eternally adores and loves you. Love is spontaneous and it grows like a plant that needs water, soil, sunshine, and time above all. Nothing blooms overnight, so have passions and let your love develop. Take it easy as you could lose him by forcing yourself upon him.

Respect Yourself

‘Respecting yourself’ might suggest that you should respect yourself only. Idea is, you can’t respect anybody else if you don’t respect yourself. To make him interested in you, you go all out, like you wait for him earnestly, while he takes his own sweet time in keeping his promise. When guy is not in as much love as you are with him, you must cool it. Dignity and self-respect is the essence of any relationship. Keep it intact to keep the guy near you.

Do not allow him to make distance from you for any of these reasons.

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